Sustainable children’s clothing – With a clear conscience

Nowadays, more and more people are concerned with the issue of sustainability. Not only food is being discussed, but also, for example, the production of clothing. Many parents today are even thinking about buying sustainable clothing for their children.

But is the clothing really sustainable and is it worth it for children too? After all, children quickly grow out of these clothes.

Sustainable quality labels for Kinderstoffe

It is not so easy to recognize sustainable clothing today, as they did not have any direct quality seals. This means that there are no transparent production and supply chains. It is important that the three main areas of focus are covered in production. This refers to the production of chemicals, water consumption and general manufacturing conditions. There are only a few seals that also cover several of these points.

One seal that is somewhat more reliable is the IVN Best seal. It prohibits the complete use of chemical chemicals. Furthermore, additional strict social standards are on the agenda.

Furthermore, there is the so-called GOTS seal or the Made in Green seal. The GOTS seal serves for stricter ecological criteria. This means that the whole thing will be made of at least 90% natural fibres and 70% organically produced.

The Made in Green seal stands for a special sustainability programme. This means that more attention will be paid to occupational safety and a specific environment and quality management will be ensured. This allows the use of chemicals to be regulated.

We have selected a shop for you that offers high quality clothing. Just have a look at Mineti. Here you will find high quality Hilco Stoffe kaufen traditional Kinderstoffe kaufen. You can also use the enclosed sewing instructions for beginners and advanced sewers.

You can also take the opportunity to sew a new garment for your baby. For your baby, for example, a backpack is suitable here. In German it is called „Pucksäckchen„.

Is it worthwhile to buy sustainable clothing?

Basically there are some studies that have proven that clothing with chemicals can have a negative effect on children. This can lead to the presence of carcinogenic substances in the clothing, which of course are not good for your child.

On the other hand, with fast-growing children, for example, it is hardly worthwhile at all to constantly buy new clothes. This is because they grow out again quickly. The only possibility that remains is to sell them and process them yourself. It is worthwhile in any case to buy the Kinderstoffe online.

Furthermore to learn sewing like a professional, you should try a sewing course. These courses are available in most cities. So you just have to try a course like this and shortly thereafter you can work like a professional. For instance you can try a Nähkurs in Kassel.

Fabrics for creative parents at Mineti

If it is important for you to have particularly sustainable clothing for your children, you can also sew it yourself. Here for example Hilco Stoffe can be used. For this it makes more sense to buy children’s fabrics. This way you are on the safe side, because you never know for sure whether the production has really taken place within a sustainable framework. It is