Animals at the workplace

In offices nowadays it becomes more and more common to have pets at your desk. The question is whether this really makes sense. Because pets at the desk can also lead to distractions. So here you can find out how to keep your Haustier am Arbeitsplatz.

Dog at the desk?

A good preliminary exercise could be to take your dog with you for shopping or to ride the train with him. So that he gets an impression of a larger crowd. Once he has settled in there, he can also be integrated into the workplace. Of course only if this is allowed by the boss.

Dogs are generally very compatible as far as that is concerned. If the dog is well educated, there should be no problems. But you should really make sure that your dog enjoys a good education. This may vary from breed to breed. You can also use a Hundekäfig to transport your dog from home to your workplace.

Improve the mood in the team

This can significantly improve the mood in the team. Because many team members behave differently as soon as an animal is with them. In general, the mood can be positively changed by working with animals. For example, animals and especially dogs are used in kindergartens to positively influence children.

New trend

In addition, it is a new trend for many to keep animals at their desks. Young people today also like to take their pets with them to university. Or even in hairdresser’s shops you can see more and more dogs or cats on the spot. For many young people this has become a matter of course, as they cannot leave their pets alone at home all day long.

Of course, these are mostly animals like dogs or sometimes cats. Whereby the latter come rather less into question.

In addition, Hunde owners usually arrange themselves much more. That means you bring a higher health factor with you. Of course they are also obliged to go for a walk with your dog every day. Therefore, they simply have a fundamentally higher health level. But you also need a lot of equipment for your dog, which could be highly expensive. For example a new hundebox to transport your dog.

Cats at the desk

Katzen at the desk are less visible, but there are few exceptions where this is the case. Also a cat provides a better climate in the team. This again depends on the breed of cat.

However, you should also show the necessary equipment of a cat in the office. This includes for example a Kratzbaum test or a cat litter box test. At best, this should be placed in a suitable place where it does not bother any employee.


The Hunderassen play a big role in principle. Some dog or cat breeds, for example, are particularly family-friendly. Others are less to hardly family-friendly. In any case, consideration should be given to this before the purchase. Because that can make a difference. Often, however, can be helped here also by good education.

Basically, this is true for you as an employer, just try it out.