Different credit-options for your business

What makes a privat loan different from other loans? The lender is not a bank, but a private individual. Whether they know the person or not does not matter at first. It can be a friend or a family member who wants to help you or a person who has too much capital and has more money than before through interest. So here you can check out a lot of different Kredit-Optionen for your business.

People who are not creditworthy are most likely to make use of Privatkredit. However, caution is advised here as there is no consumer protection and the lender can cancel the loan within a certain period of time. As a tip: Keep everything in writing, a verbal agreement is not advisable!

Installment credit comparison

Through an installment credit comparison you have the possibility to find the most favourable conditions in comparison. Installment loans have the advantage that a fixed term is agreed and the interest rate is determined when the contract is concluded.

An increase in price during the term is to be excluded. This is normally between 12 and 84 months, although a shorter term is recommended. Whether they have disadvantages with installment loans depends more or less on you. A good credit rating and a positive Schufa score ensure better conditions. What are you waiting for? Compare all conditions now!

Renovation credit

The blanket falls on your head? Then you should think about taking out a Ratenkredit-Vergleich. As the owner of a property, you have sufficient security for the banks and thus get better conditions and the opportunity to apply for a higher loan amount. Your requirements for a Renovierungs-Kredit should be: a favourable interest rate, a short term and flexibility in the contract. If you only need a small amount of money, you can also take out a 500 Euro Kredit ohne Einkommensnachweis.

Cash in your account immediately

Sometimes you simply need cash in your account Sofortkredit – whether because of a broken kitchen appliance or a vehicle repair. A mini credit can be the solution to your problems! It’s a loan that is paid out within 24 hours, so the processing, approval and disbursement happens incredibly fast.

Due to the technical progress, online credits have very short waiting times and you get the money more or less already after you have authenticated yourself. The sums are usually between 100 and 3000 euros.

For example, if you would like to take out a short-term loan, it is worth taking out a 500 euro kredit ohne einkommensnachweis without a proof of income. However, if the loan has a larger amount, it is also possible to take out a 100000 euro kredit. Of course you should compare the different banks with each other and make a decision at the end of the comparisons.

Instant credit The advantage of an immediate loan is that everything has become much more transparent compared to before. In the meantime, lenders have to disclose everything: The number & amount of the monthly repayment instalments, the fixed borrowing rate (annual percentage rate of charge), as well as the total costs must be stated in cents. Besides ever more offerers recruit with more flexibility, for example rate breaks. With installment breaks, you have the option of suspending one or more installments if, for example, you are not quite so liquid for a month.