Learn all about your life with children and family

If you choose the path of adoption, you may not be experiencing a real pregnancy, but getting pregnant is often associated with a lot of pain. Before an adoption you should talk about it as a couple and decide together whether an adoption is the right thing for you. So here you can learn all about your Leben mit Familie und Kind.

Here you should consider whether it is okay for you not to have a biological child and whether you can cope if your child later wants to get to know his biological parents. You should also be prepared for the fact that adoption usually involves long waiting times. After you have contacted the Youth Welfare Office, you must not only submit documents such as a police clearance certificate or your curriculum vitae, but also take part in numerous conversations and home visits. The adoption process sometimes takes a whole year. If you have a Kinderwunsch, you should consider these criteria.

Desire to have children: Requirements for adoption

To adopt a child, you or your partner must be at least 21 years old and one of you must be 25 years old. The age difference to the child must not be more than 40 years. You must also be married in order to adopt the child.

In addition, you should be financially secure for adoption. This includes a fixed income and a sufficiently large living space.

How to help your baby learn to speak

Learning to speak is not that easy. Your baby needs to learn not only what individual words mean, but also how to shape the sounds with his mouth. But you can support your baby in learning to speak by speaking a lot right from the start. This gives your baby a feeling for the language. All the reasons why you should speak with your baby right from the start can be found here. As much as we like to fall into the sweet baby language, it unfortunately does not promote learning to speak so well. Because if you want your baby to learn a language, it’s best to learn it as authentically as possible.

You can also learn to speak by reading aloud, playing games and above all by listening. Because at some point your baby will make the first sounds of itself and speak is better when someone is there to listen to you. Stay positive and give your baby time when he tries to formulate the first sentences. Errors in pronunciation can be corrected by nicely meant repetitions on your part.

When the first teeth come…

Teething in babies usually starts before the end of the first year of life. For babies, this means unpleasant pressure and pain in the tender gums. But parents can support their baby during this time. In addition to great activities as a distraction, it is worth buying a suitable teething ring. This is placed in the refrigerator.