Save your time for your business with these devices

Domestic waterworks test

You can save money and drinking water with the equipment from our domestic waterworks Test. When you buy a domestic waterworks, you consume your own cheap water and not the expensive water from the public water network. Here you can ckeck out how you can improve your Online-Business with this Empfohlen Geräten.

In our Hauswasserwerk Test we show you which appliances are most efficient. At the same time we pay attention to the price-performance ratio of the different Hauswasserwerk models. The Einhell domestic waterworks GC-WW 1250 NN was the price-performance winner. In addition, the GARDENA Comfort Automatic Domestic Water 5000/5E LCD, the T.I.P. 31140 Automatic Domestic Water HWW 4500 Inox, the Metabo Automatic Domestic Water HWW 4500/25 Inox and the Güde 94226 Automatic Domestic Water 94226 have been convincing with their high quality.

Softener Test

Calcified pipes rarely become a problem for you when you buy a water softener. This ensures that there are fewer limescale stains in the sink. With the wide range of water softeners on offer, it is difficult to choose the right model. Because of this, we have made a large water softener test. Our expert compared and tested different water softeners.

You can find his „Top 5“ here in the extensive water softener product test. There we present the following products: the model IWK 800 LFS Cleantec, the FILTRASOFT Basic 60 water softener, the Water2buy AS500 Wasserenthärtungsanlage Test, the BM Mini hand wheel water softener and the Water2buy 800 water softener.

Scooter Test

Quickly from one place to another you come with the scooters from our big Motorroller Test. In fact, the scooter can be driven with an appropriate driving license even from 16 years.

We make the search for the right scooter easier for you with our scooter product test. If you want to buy a scooter, you will find here not only the necessary information, but also the best tested scooters. The Retro Roller Easy Cruiser and the Scoody 45 scooter score points with a luggage carrier. We can also recommend the scooter GMX 460 Retro Classic, the GMX 550 City Scooter and the scooter GMX 450 SPORT.

Mountain bike test

Our expert for sport and hobby has looked around the market for bikes and compared the mountain bikes in the test. For our expert Silke Dietrich, gears, brakes, suspension and value for money play a role when she wants to buy a new mountain bike.

To make your purchase decision easier, the sportswoman recommends her favourite mountain bike models in the mountain bike product test. As comparison winner she recommends the mountain bike Haibike Freed. In addition, the Galano Toxic mountain bike, the Bulls Copperhead model, the Talson mountain bike and the Bergsteiger Detroit model have scored well in her test.

There is also the possibility to ride a racing bike instead of a mountain bike. There are different categories and quality of road bikes. You should always carry out the da vinci rennrad test, because this road bike offers many advantages. As a normal consumer this is not necessarily an alternative. But you can use it very well in any case.

E-Mountainbike Test

For the more comfortable among you, our sports expert has also done a big e-mountain bike test. The extensive E-Mountainbike product test attracted attention: The electronic mountain bike is not designed to do as little sport as possible. On the contrary, if you buy an E-Mountainbike, you can cover longer distances more easily and thus ride more. Of course, an E-Mountainbike is also an ideal entry into the world of sports for beginners and less fit people.


If you travel a lot, it is also a good idea to buy a carport. With a carport you can easily transport things such as a bicycle or the like. There are also carport test that you can carry out for this purpose. With these carport tests you can select the carport that is best for you.